Attend TIA 2015


Play a Role in Defining the Next Three to Five Years of Digital Communications and the Evolution of the Network

At TIA 2015: The Network of the Future, immerse yourself in learning and discussion on the new technologies, new business models, and a dynamic regulatory environment that will shape the industry over the next three to five years.

Topics to be covered include:

  • The global development of 5G wireless networks
  • The policy issues surrounding spectrum availability
  • Big data and privacy considerations, i.e. in digital healthcare and the connected car
  • Real concerns about shortage of qualified workers in the industry
  • The standards that are necessary for seamless delivery of services

Who will you meet?

Wireless service providers, network operators, cloud service providers, over-the-top content providers, enterprises (Energy, Healthcare, Automotive, Retail, and Manufacturing), multi-service providers (ISPs/Cable Cos.), integrators, distributors, software and application developers, original equipment manufacturers and industry analysts.

If your company relies on digital platforms and communications networks to discover new ways to connect with customers, increase revenues and identify new profit pools, you belong at TIA 2015.

TIA Benefits and Member Lounge

If you aren't already a TIA Member, find out more - you'll enjoy excellent discounts on attendee fees as well as sponsor benefits. And the TIA Member Lounge provides a great place to relax and network. Please contact Ancilla Brady at [email protected] for details on membership.

International Attendees

TIA welcomes participation from a global audience.

If you are interested in attending TIA 2015: The Network of the Future, please download the Letter of Invitation below or contact [email protected] for more information.