Apr 4 2016
By Scott Belcher,
Chief Executive Officer,

Luck is not an official business strategy, though many entrepreneurs will tell you it plays a role early on in the development of a new venture. Success in business relies on many things; a great idea, perhaps a leap of faith, financial means, human capital, proper investment, and building the kind of strategic relationships and partnerships that will set your idea or product apart in the marketplace.

TIA recognizes that today’s emerging technology companies play a significant role in advancing our communications ecosystem and, as such, has created a unique opportunity for startups to participate in our Network of the Future conference happening June 6-9 in Dallas, Texas.

Many startups in the information and communications technology (ICT) industry are defying conventional thinking with truly creative ideas. Bringing that entrepreneurial tenacity to the industry’s established leadership may just advance the next big breakthrough or world-changing idea.

The TIA ICT Startup Challenge for 2016 will feature the best and brightest innovators and game changers, engineers and entrepreneurs that are developing new technologies, disrupting traditional business models, and shifting the borders of what is possible to take their ideas and technologies from the garage to the marketplace or their existing business to the next level.

The Challenge places emphasis on next generation communications networks and infrastructure that enables greater connectivity to help reshape and improve health care, smarter cities and transportation networks, energy, government, manufacturing, the Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity and more.

Startups participating have the opportunity to secure cash prizes and make high-level connections to advance their business with industry decision makers and strategic investors. Here at TIA we are thrilled to have the support of member company Motorola Solutions as this year’s ICT Startup Challenge sponsor and their involvement exemplifies a commitment to encourage investment in the network of the future.

Be sure to mark your calendar to join us on June 7 for the TIA ICT Startup Challenge, and help us get the word out. Together we will discover the most promising and scalable startups poised to solve the challenges facing our global communications ecosystem and that have the potential to improve the lives of individuals around the world.

Scott Belcher is the CEO of the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA).


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