Gessel, Bob

Bob Gessel

Head of Network and Technology Strategy for IoT

Ericsson North America

Bob Gessel has 30+ years of experience in the Telecom, Communications and Software industries. He has been with Ericsson for 20 years and currently is the Head of Technology and Strategy Development for Ericsson North America. He is responsible for driving vision, innovation, strategic planning, and technology evolution for new areas of Ericsson’s portfolio in the North American market.  He currently is focused in the areas of Cloud, NFV/SDN, M2M, Internet of Things (IoT) and Ericsson’s solutions for Telecoms and newer targeted industries of Utilities and Transportation.

Gessel’s previous roles at Ericsson include Principal Consultant, Senior Director of Business Development/Sales, Senior Solution Architect and 11 years in software R&D with responsibilities in   Business Innovation, Operational Management, Principal Engineer and Inventor.

As an entrepreneur in 2003, Gessel founded SceneScape, Inc. to deliver WiFi based localized interactive and multimedia services for users of Wi-Fi hot spots.  In 2001 he founded MobileStream Wireless, Inc. targeting the mobile entertainment market for delivery of multimedia content and interactive services for large sports and entertainment venues.

Gessel has also worked as a senior business and technology consultant in areas of IMS, Multimedia Applications, Mobile Networks, RFID, and Strategic Marketing.  He also has a combined 7 years in software R&D with Siemens and Northern Telecom.

Gessel holds a B.S.E.E from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

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