The Renaissance Dinner, on June 8 in Dallas, will be a unique, world-class experience featuring wine from Napa, classical music, original works of art, a beautiful vocal performance and TED-Talk style speakers who will provide brief inspirational and thought provoking discussions.  The purpose of the Renaissance Dinner is to advance a wide variety of robust ideas and topics from the top leadership throughout America; across cultural sectors, social groups, geographies, and generations.  Since the spring of 2012 there have been 19 Renaissance Dinners in 8 cities featuring 72 speakers plus a wine-maker, musicians, vocalists, artists, authors and other special guests. 

What People Say about the Renaissance Dinners...

"The Renaissance Dinners elevate the human spirit.  Each dinner is an enriching experience - exposing you to the most extraordinary people doing the most interesting things. These dinners feed your soul."
Syndicated Columnist
Ruben Navarrette

"The Renaissance Dinners have a magical way of combining powerful leaders gathered together with a higher purpose: to diversify top leadership throughout the United States.  It's a "Give-and-Receive" atmosphere, where every leader in attendance is focused on what value they can give to each other, and as a result we all walk away with tremendous value."
California Bank & Trust
EVP Betty Uribe

"The Renaissance Dinners and are the best of what a salon has to offer: people with new ideas, current and future superstars, eclectic topics for discussion, and great wine, food, art, and music.  We are converging from many different backgrounds and sectors but our eyes are always pointing in the same direction, the future. Exhilarating."
Pollster and Author
John Zogby


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