The 2016 Renaissance Dinner in Dallas will include...

  • Live classical harp music of works by Antonio Vivaldi, who composed over 600 known works between 1691-1741.
  • Viewing of several original works of art and of craftsmanship.
  • Vocal performance of the "Star Spangled Banner" by Singer, Artist, and Actress, Fourth-Grader Maya Delgado.
  • Brief remarks reflecting on "the Renaissances" of history (Italian, Franch, American) by a classical scholar with a Ph.D. from Harvard.
  • Vocal performance by renowned vocalist Stephanie Jones of Amazing Grace and other songs.
  • Wine education by Napa Winemaker Alex Sotelo.
  • Brief reflections on book, "The Art of Worldly Wisdom", which was first published in 1647. Each guest will receive a copy of the book.
  • Tables decorated with beautiful origami cranes made as little gifts ("regalitos") for dinner guests.
  • Five minute "Ted-talk" style remarks from a variety of speakers with interesting topics including inspirational stories, servant leadership, visionary statesmanship, lessons learned, and transformational trends.
  • Diverse speakers including a post millenial high school student, a millenial transformational leader who earned a doctorate in educational leadership at 28, two Latina entrepreneurs who have built successful companies and serve on multiple Fortune 1000 boards, two senior corporate executives of iconic companies (AT&T; and 7-Eleven), and an entrepreneur who is helping transform the way MBE companies are built in America.

Background Information on the Renaissance Dinners

"The Renaissance Dinners have a magical way of combining powerful leaders gathered together with a higher purpose: to diversify top leadership throughout the United States. It's a "Give-and-Receive" atmosphere, where every leader in attendance is focused on what value they can give to each other, and as a result we all walk away with tremendous value."
California Bank & Trust
EVP, Betty Uribe

"The Renaissance Dinners elevate the human spirit. Each dinner is an enriching experience - exposing you to the most extraordinary people doing the most interesting things. These dinners feed your soul."
Syndicated Columnist
Ruben Navarrette

"The Renaissance Dinners and are the best of what a salon has to offer: people with new ideas, current and future superstars, eclectic topics for discussion, and great wine, food, art, and music. We are converging from many different backgrounds and sectors but our eyes are always pointing in the same direction, the future. Exhilarating."
Pollster and Author
John Zogby>

The purpose of the Renaissance Dinners is to advance top leaders nationwide by forming personal relationships and fostering word of mouth. the 2016 Renaissance Dinner in Dallas will feature a Napa winemaker, original art, live harp music, vocal performance, craftsmanship, a book published in 1647 and inspirational speakers making 5 minute "Ted-Talk" style remarks.

The Renaissance Dinners are driven by personal relationships and word of mouth - reaching across sectors, people groups, generations, and geographies.

As there are a wider variety of top leaders in America, the energy, innovation, and power unleashed will be pivotal to the next American Renaissance.

The Renaissance Dinners celebrate life and elevate the human spirit - presenting a unique blend of four kinds of "food".

  • Food for the palate with excellent cuisine.
  • Food for the senses with wine, music, art, vocal performance, and theatrical performance.
  • Food for thought with thought-provoking conversations, speakers and books.
  • Food for the soul with getting to spend time with many wonderful people.

To date, there have been 19 Renaissance Dinners in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco and Washington, DC featuring:

  • 1,525 participants
  • 72 unique speakers
  • special guests including a wine-maker, a chef, a photographer, a film-maker, a playwright, and multiple musicians, vocalists, artists and authors.

To give a sense of the great ambiance and positive energy, here are links to brief video montages of some previous Renaissance Dinners.

Examples of speakers and special guests at the Renaissance Dinners include:

• Texas Legacy Financial and Energy Future Holdings Board Member Arcilia Acosta • LEAP President Linda Akutagawa • Popeye's Chicken President and CEO Cheryl Bachelder • Corporate Director Cheemin Bo-Linn • African American Board Leadership Institute President and CEO Yvette Chappell-Ingram • Banker, Author, and Corporate Director Tieman "Skipper" Dippel • Westrock Chief Technology and Supply Chain Officer Shan Cooper • AT&T; Vice Chairman and Business Solutions and International CEO Ralph de la Vega • 7-Eleven EVP and CMO Jesus Delgado Jenkins • Comerica SVP Linda Forte • Harpist and New Hampshire State Representative Marilinda Garcia • Author and UCLA Professor David Hayes Bautista • UnitedHealth Group and PPG Industries Board Member Michele Hooper • SoftTek USA CEO Marcos Jimenez • Vocalist Stephanie Jones • Extended Stay America CEO Gerry Lopez • Artist Antonio Martorell • Syndicated Columnist Ruben Navarrette, Jr. • AutoZone and Ryder Board Member Lou Nieto • SoftTek SVP David Olivencia • Author and Stanford Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer • AP Capital Holdings Co-Founder Richard Powell • Playwright Jose Rivera • UPS Florida District President David Ruiz • Artist Maria Sanchez • Wider Net CEO Pablo Schneider • Wine-maker Alex Sotelo • AT&T; Mobile EVP of Customer Service Debbie Storey • Thunderbird Global Strategy Professor Mary Teagarden • Western Union and WPP Board Member Sol Trujillo • Kohl's, Comerica, and Cinemark Board Member Nina Vaca • Millennial Transformational Leader Kent L. Willis, PhD • Pollster and Author John Zogby


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